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Flat Transmission Belting



Flat transmission belt is a common flat rubber belt, also called transmission belt, usually uses high-quality cotton canvas as its skeleton layers

Constructional Features of Rubber Transmission Belts :

Width      : 25mm to 1500 mm  
Length     : 100 mtr. Roll length 
Fabrics    : Hard cotton ducks/soft cotton 
Plies        : 2 plies to 10 plies 
Type of edges    : Cut edges and round/ folded  
Colours   : Beige, Grey, Camel, Yellow, Black ,or as per customer requirement

1. Uniformity in Thickness & Width 
2. Higher longitudinal & transverse strengths 
3. Higher levels of adhesion 
4. Controlled elongation 
5. Lighter in weight thus consuming less power 
6. Improved resistance to flex fatigue  test.


It is mainly used in factories, mines, docks, metallurgical industry, ordinary mechanical power transmission, great power processing of grains like rice and wheat, irrigation equipment, wood cutting and other power transmitting equipment for industry and agriculture.

Minimum Pulley Diameters (mm) for given belt speeds and belt plies :

Product classification:

1.Category: 28 OZ(ounce) and 32 OZ(ounce).  
2.Cut edge flat rubber belt: Cut edge flat rubber belt is manufactured by adhering several layers of full width canvas together, the sides of the belt are surfaces formed by cutting, the belt edge surfaces are coated with rubber paste. 
3. Round edge flat rubber belt: Round edge flat rubber belt is folded by the outer ply or plies of canvas, and the sides of the belts are curved surfaces.