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PVC Solid Woven Elevator Belt

The solid woven carcass is generally woven with Terylene and cotton. Synthetic binder yarns follow a complex pattern to give the carcass its solid woven properties. Impregnating PVC paste resin and pressed by both sides to get the PVC cover.(one side is smooth cover, the other side that touches with pulley is friction cover). Ití»s fire retardant and anti-static.


1. Multiply inter-woven carcass keeps synchronous in the course of weaving, impregation, plasticization and paste. The structure is stressed in balance. The dipping elastomer could bind all the yarn, composing a close-grained and flexible  carcass. No excessed pulling and compression. Keep a good running trail and not easy to off track.

2. Compared to the rubber elevator belt, ití»s uniformly stressed to ensure the strong elevating capability. No peeling off both on the cover rubber and between ply and ply with superior tear resistance.

3. Good bolt retention and makes a strong joint between the bucket and belt.

4. With better properties such as resistance to oils, chemicals, dumps and wear compared to the rubber elevator belt.

5. Light weight, strong structure and low driving power. With superior anti-extensibility and lower extension rate compared to the rubber elevator belt.

6. It applies to big bucket of big load or big size.

7. PVC elevator belt is suitable for the buckets with big burden or with a wide projection.


Elevator Conveyor Belting

The belt is made of either anti-tearing EP canvas or steel cord as center material with anti-tearing rubber cover, good application capability, running steadily, low maintenance.


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