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1. Avoids pollution by preventing falling or spillage of Carried products.
2. Avoids damage to belt inner surface, as fallen objects do not attach to belt surface.
3. Prevents other substances from entering, assuring purity of products.
4. Reduces abrasion between the products and inner belt surface which increases when conveyor belts are in pipes, enabling greater transportation degree than other commonly used belts.
5. Traditional conveyor belts only allows conveying at a straight line which needs extra space for curves. Tube form conveyor belts offers simplified  transport system which help saves space and cost.

1. Mainly used in conveying powdery and granular materials, allows material to be conveyed through difficult terrain and over long distances.
2. The belt form from Flat to U shape and finally to pipe shape, folding the materials and realizing the process of enclosed conveying.


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